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OP Mishko AAR
« on: October 21, 2012, 12:43:44 PM »
I was happy to finally get to play this OP after it was postponed due to heat a couple months back. The turnout was quite good even considering several players from both sides had to drop out. I really don't think we could've asked for much better weather either. This was also my first OP to be the CO of an entire team. Granted the whole team was barely larger than the average squad size at a MilSim OP, I'd rather do all my lesson learning in that aspect on a smaller scale than run the possibility of doing poorly on a full scale MilSim OP. Thank you to the SA admins for granting me that oportunity!

I think things kicked off rather smoothly and there weren't really any hangups at chrono or anything which does happen when you only have one chrono and around 40 or more players. I was lucky to have all the D9 members that showed up to be under my command along with members of ARDA who we know well from a CQB store in Hiwasse AR and a couple faces from my first airsoft team ever, Avi and Alien from JTAG. So needless to say, for the most part, we had all played with one another at some point in the past. On our way out in the duece I ahd to leave a whole fire team at a pre-determined point which left our tru attacking force at only about 10 players. Upon game on I split the two remaining fire teams up and started hitting objectives from both sides. Things were mostly quiet until we got into the 'bridge area' which was a major choke point for both teams. There was a good deal of plastic slung in this area, but through planned manuevering and great communication with me and amungst the players we captured the bridge area. For some reason, no one from either side had tried to win the trust and aliance of the Albanian civilians, so I offered them an MRE for their help which KINDA won their trust. From there we kept pressing on into the village of Mishko which was horrible due to it's location in the middle of a field in the midst of several burms. This made attacking difficult as the enemy could literally see us coming from about 200yds away. I again chose to 'divide and conquer' having one larger fire team cut in along the tree line as a small fire team including myself attacked from the open. This is wear r-hop shined it's brightest. Many of our players had it while little to none of the enemy forces did, so we used our range to our advantage. Eventually we took Mishko but not before Chucky popped out from one of the burms and shot me in the leg. Good shot, man! Unfortunately our victory was somewhat short lived...

We took a break for lunch. The admins were excellent about having availible water for all players and reminding them to stay hydrated. After this break we reset as best we could leaving only the ~5 players we had left in the Mishko area to defend against the entire NATA force hitting them while the rest of us started all the way back at our main base. Upon hearing the game on air horn, SoNorUs and I jogged as far as we could to get to back up our forces. I had to stop and re-do my head set but by the time we had reached the bridge area, all of our forward players were walking back with their dead rags on. From then on it was slow battle near the tree line that swayed back and forth several times before we finally broke out and set foot in Mishko once again. As NATO made a hard push back, the game was called as soon as their boots were back in Mishko.

To all the in game sneaky *&%$ kept us busy and on our toes though. To all of my team, you guys did a great job. Not only did you fight hard, you communicated well which showed in our movements and abilities to take ground or hold it. To NATO, you guys made it a fun and sometimes frustrating day for us. Don't take that worng though, the frustration was out of either taking ground from you or trying to keep you from taking it from us. You guys put up one hell of a fight all day long.

Another thing I feel like I should note. Bash, Joe, and myself just attended OP Helium Project 2 down in Ft. Worth TX put on by FAA (Fast Action Airsoft). There were supposedly experienced MilSimers down there, and this was truely a full scale MilSim OP. Through no fault of Jockey or any of the other owners of FAA, there was a lot of players on both teams that truely lacked integrity down there that did things that while technically not against the rules, were total 'dick moves' and made our whole experience down there much less enjoyable than it could've been. I know for a fact that a lot of those guys weren't new to this by any means and yet they still chose to play the way they did. At OP Mishko I know there were also several relatively new players, but overall I saw much more sportsmanship and integrity at Mishko than I saw at Helium ten fold. That's saying something, beleive me. ALL of you guys made Mishko a great OP through how you played and conducted yourselves. For that, I thank you and encourage you to continue to be honest, sportsman-like players that will truely set you out from the crowd later down the road.

Thank you to Bagel, Joe, Cody, and Delt for working on this OP and helping out during it to provide us with a good time! We from D9 always have a good time with you Springfield guys weather on the field or getting owned at SoGo. We look forward to the next OP with you guys!

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Re: OP Mishko AAR
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2012, 11:48:48 PM »
^great AAR boss :)

Mishko was my first milsim op, my first game with Springfield airsoft, and the biggest outdoor game I've been to yet. It was really nice to play with and against well-equipped and experienced airsofters!

We started out with getting everything and everyone ready to go. The turn out was really good, and the weather was almost perfect! First they took the NATO troops out in the deuce, then came back and picked up us Serbs and Yugoslavs. As we passed the town of Mishko, they dropped off the Serbian regular army guys, numbering us five. Since we didn't have a medic, Blackie Chan was attached to our squad. Since only me and Blackie in our squad had radios, I was assigned as squad leader. I split my force into 3 groups to dig in and prepare for the NATO invasion. Surprisingly, instead of sticking to the trees, the NATO forces went wide around the field. Me and Blackie were near the back while my other guys were in the trees and in the front. Us two started blazing at the tall grass where the enemy was circling around, and amazingly to me, we apparently hit like 4 or 5 of them! Next thing I knew though, I took a light hit to the shoulder. Blackie was just out of reach to medic me, but he was soon hit as well. Since there wasn't any other medics within a long ways, we started the long walk to a friendly respawn. In turned out to be I really need to work out and get in shape! My shoulders are still aching from hauling my gear around!

Once we respawned we headed back, joining in with a large force of Yugos. When we got about 100 yards from the bridge, we started taking fire from the enemy. We dug in and fired along the road. I remember seeing an Albanian getting shot, apparently by one of our guys, so I think they were shooting at us some too. That was when I noticed Youngblood's leadership skills and Edge's awesome SCAR. I think I hit one or two enemies, but mainly just layed down suppressive fire. Together, we took out a number of bad guys before me and then Edge got taken out (which I was almost out of ammo anyways). I was amazed at the intensity of the firefight going on on our side of the bridge; at one point a BB just fell out of a tree and bounced off my AK! ha Since we'd lost the crossroads, me and Edge headed ALL the way back to our base. Another LONG walk! lol

After reloading and getting ready, we headed back along with Porkchop to rejoin our forces, but pretty soon they called in lunchtime. Before starting the last half of the game, we were informed that our forces had retaken Mishko, but only had about 5 men left there. Once the horn sounded, we all headed along the road as fast as we could. When we got to the bridge, the Albanians had cooled off and we bribed them with some jelly beans. :] But we didn't get very far past the bridge before the NATO troops started blasting at us. We held the edge of the woods for a long time, fighting on two fronts, across the bridge and to the right of the bridge. I hit a couple of the NATO guys in the field, who were hiding behind a berm and the deuce. I got hit once, but was medic'd by Blackie Chan. Between laying down suppressive fire and throwing my AK down to drag wounded comrades to Blackie, it was intense! BB's rained down all around us, with the grass and trees getting shredded all around. I got hit again, but Blackie had moved to the right flank front, so I went to the bridge (it was pretty close) and respawned. At this point, a NATO guy (maybe JBagel) had started charging the road, but Bash showed up with his beautiful 249 and together we started blazing.

Since the attack on this side had seemed to die down, and more of our troops were moving up from the bridge to assist us, I moved over to the right flank, where I joined up with Blackie Chan and several other guys. We cleared the woods on the side of Mishko, so we decided to cross the creek and make a flank attack. Trying to cross the creek I slipped and fell in the stream. I was pretty wet from the waist-down, but thankfully I hadn't worn any droplegs that day! Once we got to the other side of the creek, we lined up for the assault. I only had about 100 rounds left by then. So we charged toward Mishko, guns blazing! We popped up and down in the grass, moving up quickly. Our combined fire took out quite a few guys. As I looked over my shoulder, the Main force of our army moved in across the field on our left flank, charging in from the bridge area. We were doing good, but then I ran out of ammo and the guys around me started getting killed. I pulled out my sword and charged the town. To my surprise, I made it! So I had against the side of a 'hut' and waited for my forces to move in. Only they didn't! As I looked back, the guys that hadn't been shot were falling back. It was then that I heard some shots coming my way. I decided to retreat, grabbed my sword and AK, and sprinted back towards the bridge. I got pretty far but then a NATO eagle-eye shot me in the hind quarters, a very good shot. lol

Then they decided to end the game anyways. A very good op indeed.

Things I liked:
The good players
The amazing admins
The good organization on my team
The Albanian element
The field (except the thorns!)
The deuce
The scenario

Things I didn't like:
The foul language
The long walks ( but that's my fault for not being in shape)
The Serbian main base
The huge open field
The lack of roleplay

Things I learned:
I need to get into the support role (hurry up and come out with the PKM already!!!)
I need to get in shape
I have really bad luck with radio headsets
I really like milsim
Not to fall into rivers
Carry plenty of ammo
I should have brought my mortar

I want to give a shout-out to the following players:
Metal for being a brilliant general
Joe for being a brilliant admin
Blackie Chan for being a great comrade, medic, and player
Youngblood for leadership
Bash for his smart in-battle orders

I want to say a huge thank you to the following:
Everyone who came

Thanks guys! I'll look forward to seeing you again! :D

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Re: OP Mishko AAR
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2012, 01:47:18 PM »
Sounds like it was a blast... i was not able to make this ... made me really upset actually!
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Re: OP Mishko AAR
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2012, 09:35:24 AM »
To start the day, everyone showed up on time and relatively well prepared. No one got lost on their way to the field (as far as we know), chrono went smooth, and everyone came ready to play. Considering that ops are notorious for starting late, Mishko kicked off about 40 minutes behind schedule thanks to everyone’s participation. The generals were briefed while the rest of the troops were still chronoing, and they did an excellent job of briefing their squads… not to mention pumping them up for the day.
As SAS was a little on the short side, I joined them for the day along with Chucky and Ghost. Our initial mission was to capture a rogue nuke, but thanks to Murphy’s Law we were relieved of that wild goose chase and instead began the game deep in the woods near Gorzenia Crossroads. Thanks to Metal’s decision to consolidate his troops for the main assault, the point at Gorzenia was completely undefended allowing us a quick capture while we attempted to identify the Serbian troop movements; due to a large element of Serbs moving through the area we fell back towards the bridge to assist in its defense/capture (comms were a bugger as always, so we were not getting great information at that point).
Enroute to the bridge, we placed an ambush for the Serbs attempting to approach from the northwest, taking out two and causing the rest to pause at least temporarily. We then moved to the bridge, only to be taken out by friendly fire. This was where I first saw the lack of communication that eventually cost Tan the game: as we approached the bridge, we identified ourselves to the friendlies in the area, but apparently the Nato on the other side of the bridge did not get the info and misidentified us. In the time it took us to go back to respawn, Green assaulted and captured most of the area surrounding the bridge.
Rallying a group coming back from respawn, Ghost led one team into the dry creek bed to the east of the bridge while I took another and began pushing up the center: we managed to push about halfway up the road with minor casualties while Ghost and the rest on our right flank made some headway as well (I could not see how far they advanced, but the constant stream of dead green coming from that area was promising). We also finally won the Albanians to our side, and I attempted to trail two of them through Green’s lines only to have one of them brutally murdered by an over-zealous Serb; the two of us dragged him back to a medic and regrouped.
 During this time, the Albanians decided to convince one of their local villages (Gorzenia) to turn against the Serbs, and once we heard this intel a couple of us made our way behind Serbian lines to secure the village. Once there we called for reinforcements (as the base was not under attack Tan could respawn there), but again Tan failed to capitalize on this gain and just three of us were left behind enemy lines. Realizing no one else was coming, we moved to the bridge and ambushed a small group of Green, after which Metal (you sneaky bastard!) waited till I went to walk away before popping me… I knew he was there (and that he would shoot if raised my rifle at this point), so I tried to pretend I didn’t notice in the hopes he would try to stay hidden… nicely done my friend! Shortly after that the game was called for lunch.
The second half presented a major problem for Tan: Mishko had been retaken, and was defended by five Serb/Spetz who had proven they could outrange most of the Tan (thanks to their R-Hops). Without much cover to protect us, we opted for a three-pronged attack, which went almost perfectly: everyone was communicating, bounding in proper sequence, and shooting like banshees. To say the least, tan let out quite a bit of pent up aggression on the poor Green left in Mishko! After a quick regroup, we pushed on to take the birms along the center of the field, but that is where the attack stalled. Green was firmly entrenched on the other side of the creek, and Tan was exhausted from their assault on Mishko; the result was a battle of attrition that lasted for roughly the next hour. Unable to take the bridge and the Tan troops running low on ammo (along with no way to tell how bad we were hurting Green), we pulled back to Mishko. Soon thereafter, Green began their own counter-offensive on Mishko. For the second time of the day, tan communicated effectively, and despite Green’s R-hop advantage, successfully defended the village. By this time both teams had lost several players for the day, so a quick meeting between the admins and generals decided to call it a day.

Overall, both teams played well: the sportsmanship on the field was outstanding, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Both teams had their strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately Green’s experience curve won the day for them.
Tan, you showed up with some outstanding motivation and a hunger to learn; you fought well, but the lack of communication between each other resulted in a failure to capitalize on some serious opportunities that could have won the game for you… remember that next time.
Green, you fought well all day: great communication (I got quite tired of being pointed out by every tree it seemed like), and excellent teamwork; the one thing I noticed was you failed to protect your flanks (which I thoroughly enjoyed all morning).

I want to personally thank all of you for attending, there were a lot of new faces and names I won’t remember but I enjoyed playing with all of you.
Joe, Cody and Delt, thank you for the outstanding job you did as admins; you played your part well and kept everyone on their toes. Great job pushing water, thanks to you we had no serious injuries.
Metal and Bonk, heck of a job leading your troops. Leadership under fire is never an easy thing, especially your first time around yet you both stepped to the plate and did an excellent job.
A shout out to Ghost, Chucky, Kainable, and Eric (sorry, never caught your callsign); you guys also did a great job leading your teams and inspiring confidence in your troops.
D9, as always I love playing with (or against) you guys, thank you for showing your support in force.
Everyone out there did great, and each played their part well. Again, thank you for attending and making this an outstanding event!
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Re: OP Mishko AAR
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2012, 02:59:24 PM »
Boba, yes the thornsO_o

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Re: OP Mishko AAR
« Reply #5 on: October 23, 2012, 03:43:36 PM »
Pictures! I didn't get any action because the battle was keeping me pretty busy.

And yes Chucky I just now pulled out the last one from the backside of a knuckle on my middle finger. o_O

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Re: OP Mishko AAR
« Reply #6 on: October 25, 2012, 04:56:49 PM »
Well I had fun, wish you made it out Travis, we really could’ve used you on NATO.  We had a great group of airsofters (I honestly didn’t know a lot of ppl), great weather and a great game.
When we started up NATO forces were dropped off south of Mishko and the SAS(Me, Jbagel, and Chucky) inserted more just west of "Gorzenia"(north of the bridge. . . I think lol) but we hid great and when before the game started a doe was about 20 yds. from us but when the horn sounded we moved up a little toward Gorzenia and made a quick capture but there was about an 4-6 man team came down the Serbian respawn so when they started moving toward us we got pushed into some thick brush north of the bridge, which at that point NATO had and was pushing back the Serbs but while we were still hiding we took out 2 Serbs but were discovered and had to bugout toward the bridge, when we came out Jbagel started yelling "friendlies" and me and chucky were keeping the Serbs back with suppressive fire when I heard chucky yell hit and I looked over toward our friendlies and I got shot by NATO right between the eyes (-_-) and then we had our long walk back to Mishko.
After respawning at Mishko, Me and chucky made our way up to the bridge where we found the left flank fairly secure so me and chucky went right and grabbed 2 guys that were there and started making our way up the gully, we made it up about 20-25 yards or so and after taking out a couple Serbs I found out my camo was working better than I thought it would, a 3 man team (I think 2 were d9) came up on the berm on the left side of the creek bed me and chucky were in, they got about 40 or so ft. away from me and hadn’t seen me yet so I took out one(sorry about the face shot) and the other took cover behind a tree. .. I still thought they hadn’t seen me at that point so I told chucky to sit tight and watch the end of the gully, about a minute passed and one of the guys from that team decided to martyr and got me and chucky before we could fire at him. 
After respawning again at Mishko we got to the bridge and the Serbs were making good progress down the road, me and chucky went far right and 2 NATOs guarding that creek bed told us that there was a Serb down there with some range so me and chucky went to our original creek bed(on the other side of that creek bed)where we found 2 hit NATO on the other side of the road so I covered chucky as he made a dash across healed the 2 but then got caught up in enemy fire and couldn’t get back across so I decided to try to hit their flank from the creek bed, but when I look I saw about 4 Serbs and decided not to push my luck so I got up on the berm on the right(between the 2 creek beds) and laid down about 30 seconds pass and the 2 defenders on the right get killed and the rest of the defenders on the left side of the road were killed, meaning I was trapped behind enemy lines now.  As the Serbs advanced I waited for an opportunity to get passed the Serbs and deeper into enemy territory, but as they advanced they were slow to do it and I realized they would see me if I moved because I was only 30 yds. from the bridge on a berm, so I waited for the Serbs to get closer and when they did I had 3 on my right 60ft away and 2 on my left about 30 ft. away so as soon as they passed me I opened fire and got one and started shooting at the other before I was killed and when I got off the berm I got a “nice job” and a hand shake from Metal.  Again, CAMO lol
Shortly after then Mishko was assaulted and with only 4 or 5 defenders against all the Serbs I got a guy and tried to bound out and attack their far right prong and failed horribly (frakkin' r-hop) shortly after Mishko fell lunch was called, while waiting on the Admins for briefing we started making a plan to take back Mishko on the little Intel we had when we got done making the plan thinking we had the bridge but not Mishko we were going to have half our forces defending the bridged and half taking Mishko back and we agreed on that plan and I assigned fire team leaders of Kainabel and Scott just as we were getting fire teams set up Jbagel showed up and gave us the debrief and rebrief and where the 3 pronged attack plan came to and as the game started the plan worked beautifully, we covered about 100 yards bounding in about 1 minute or 2 and took back Mishko from the 5 sorry Serbs left there.  From what I recall we only had 1 casualty, after regrouping we decided my fire team would take the entrance to the bridge and the Jbagel would take out their flank.  With the plan in place we headed out, after our first assault attempt nearly succeeded we altered it a little to have the other fire team assaulting with me get behind the deuce and take the berm which worked after a few casualties and then came the stalemate.
After being killed several times assaulting the bridge I looked for a place to flank the Serbs, after seeing one NATO guy do it, I slid down the steep wall of mud and got into the grass, we made little progress as only being a 2 man team with no support and trying to be seen we killed one and thanks to their communication a 6 man team came and took out the NATO guy leaving me against a 6 man team but they still hadn’t found me but when blackie chan came to medic the guy who martyred to get the NATO guy they were all laughing about it while I watched from about 30 feet away, I was thinking of how I’m going to get out of this, when blackie chan looks past me and then he saw me and the look from his face went from lolz to OH S**T!!, I fired and 2 of theirs fired and I was hit and though I had the first shot at blackie chan I failed to remember my mags don’t like to feed if I’m resting the rifle on them (>_<) shortly after I got to respawn the 2nd assault on Mishko had begun and after making sure the flank was secure and nearly being shot by bonk I was commanded to get on a berm and help defend Mishko which after being politely told to “Hurry the F**K up” I promptly did lol and shortly after that the game was called

Great job to everyone, I’ve been to outdoor skirmishes on Cody’s land before but this was by FAR better even for being my first op.  Honestly was not expecting the excellent role play from the generals or the Albanians but awesome job guys and thanks out to Cody, Joe and Jbagel for making all of this safe and possible, I had a lot of fun and actually killed a D9 guy(+5000 xp lol) and I’ll be looking forward to the next op
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