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AAR for MACC Grand Opening
« on: April 15, 2013, 11:48:40 PM »
Now, usually I'm not the one to start an AAR thread, but I figured it needed to be put out there as this was one heck of an event!
I ran with Jbagel, Red, Porkchop, Sorrow, Armour and several others on the green team for this event.
First off, the facility.
This is a 20 acre facility with some trees, valleys, flat sections and seven buildings. It made for quite a challenge trying to take the buildings while trying not to get smoke from an unseen window. This is one of the better fields I have been to in a long time, no offense Cody!
Gameplay was fast paced and luckily the respawn wasn't too far back as there were 261 players there that day! Made for a target rich environment, but you had to be quick and deadly.
The VFW was there cooking up hotdogs and burgers for lunch, and there were retailers and groups as far as the eye could see. The raffle was outstanding as many guns and pieces of gear were raffled off and many new operations were promoted with freebies tossed to the crowd. In fact, several of the folks from the Springfield contingent won brand new guns, which will probably be showing up on the field soon!
All in all, an absolutely excellent day of airsofting! Perfect weather, an awesome team that rampaged over the tan guys, and a great group putting it all on!
There are lots of pics on facebook, and lots of video going up on youtube, so if you have the inclination to go, please check it out! I promise ya won't be disappointed! I will leave you with this group shot that is most of the Springfield folks!