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Custom SR-25
« on: May 27, 2013, 10:45:03 PM »
Well, being the gun nut I occasionally dream of being, I did work to my SR-25.

Originally, this gun was 80% CA with a G&P cylinder and piston when I got it. But because the trigger snapped in basically half, I replaced all the gears with G&P gears.

I thought they had the same ratio (No, very far from)

Anyways, the other night I decided to be a wannabe tech that I am, and look at high ROF set ups. Of course, I being the person I am fell in love with anything shooting over 20 bb's a second.

I decided it was time to do what I should've done the first time I took the glorious beauty it is apart.

The first thing I learned by doing this was G&P 18:1 ratio gears are not the same as whatever is put into CA SR-25s.

Anyways, while it was apart for the second time by me, I swiss cheesed the piston. I am not good at it at all, but nothing went wrong.

I also decided to short stroke the extra long piston by one tooth(Ver.2.5 gearbox). This, this was simply not enough, for it would've slapped againts the sector gear, so I took out the metal teeth and even took off the last plastic tooth on the piston to get it to cycle 100% correctly. I aso took off a good 15% of the weight because I am not very accurate with a dremel. Not to mention, G&P gears and pistons are very tough to shave down(Very high quality).

I also swapped out my 509mm stock barrel for a 360mm barrel Madbull Black Python.

What is the end result?

The end result is a pointlessy long CQB gun shooting 1,500 RPM (25 RPS) with a 9.6 3800MaH large type at 330 FPS with a .2. It reaches out a good distance though, easily 150ft (guesstamite) and hardly any drop (maybe an inch) at that range.

The only reason I consider this an accomplishment is the fact that it has an extended gearbox, making high speed slightly more challenging to get as compare to a regular version 2. She also isn't finished, I am for sure getting a longer barrel and a nicer one at that. Also, she doesn't have a name (ideas?).

Thank you for reading this post if you did,