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G&P AK105
« on: July 26, 2013, 12:46:42 PM »
     Hey guys it's Mickey from SoGo Airsoft. I've recently purchased a couple of guns (through SoGo, of course) and thought it would be a good idea to post a review for each. The review on the second gun will be up shortly but first up is my G&P AK 105. In my picture below everything except for the tan accessories is included with the gun (in other words, the rail covers, red dot, and AFG are not included). The rifle comes with the contractor-style RIS, Magpul MOE stock, Saw-style pistol grip, extended charging handle, and one mid-cap waffle magazine giving the gun a very sleek, modern look; something very seldom seen on an ak platform. It also has a very nice matte black finish on the receiver, save for the top cover which is kind of shiny for some reason (I'm planning on changing mine out for one with a flatter finish). 
      Performance-wise, I couldn't be more pleased. Before any modification, I was getting about 150-200 feet of range with moderate accuracy while pushing 360ish FPS. After installing a Bravo 6.03, it became a whole new beast. My groupings were tightened significantly and my effective range was increased by almost 50 feet, along with my fps being raised to about 395, perfect for Springfield Airsoft games and most fields. Not only does this monster reach out and touch somebody, it fires around 15 bbs per second on a 7.4 Lipo (stored in the buffer tube). Not bad for a gun shooting almost 400 feet per second and running on a tiny battery!
      Now, it just wouldn't be a true review without at least a couple of complaints; So here goes. First off, as I mentioned the top cover is somewhat shiny. Not a huge deal, but it contradicts the flat matte finish on the lower receiver. Second, it has no front sight post. In place of a front sight, there is a gas tube knob, which can be turned 90 degrees left or right. If not for the included top rail, the user would not have the ability to aim. Luckily I was already planning on mounting a red dot, but otherwise I don't know what I would have done. Despite these minor issues, I would recommend this AEG to anyone looking to dominate on the field and get second looks off the field.

Pros: Full Metal
        MOE Stock
        Contractor Style RIS
        Saw Style Pistol Grip
        QD Sling Mounts on each side of buffer tube mount
        Good ROF on a 7.4
        Overall, very good performance

Cons: Shiny Top Cover
          No front sight
          Selector switch worked loose after a few weeks, not a big deal, was easily fixed with a hex wrench

Gonna do a mini-review on my Angry Gun T-1 AK red dot. It replaces the stock rear sight on most AK's, simply slide out the rear sight and replace it with the mount secured by two screws. Even though it replaces your rear sight, you can still use your iron sights; the mount has a rear sight built in. The red dot itself mimics an Aimpoint T-1 micro red dot, with 5 red and green brightness settings. Another things that makes this model better than most is the fact that the caps covering the windage and elevation adjustments act as the tool to adjust them, no need for a screwdriver. Along with the looks, this product also provides a low-profile aiming platform for your rifle if that's what your going for. The only downfall is the price. At $115, I'm definitely getting a lens protector!

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