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OP: Full Plate
« on: October 14, 2013, 05:26:31 PM »
OP:Full Plate

We had a late start on the game because of some events we did not plan for and for that I do apologize. I want to mention that right off the bat so there is no issue. Now on with the actual aar...

      As the mission started the Plains territory was the first on the scene with searching for printing plate pieces. While there search was going they had no notice that the Georgia Republic and the Union were also in high pursuit. A few hours into the mission a fire fight broke out with the Union and Plains... there were many casualties in this fire fight but the plains territory remand the victor. Shortly after that the Plains territory realized that It would be in there best interest to parley with the union in a mutual goal so they both would get what they were after. What was not mentioned was that the plains territory already was in the possession of one set of the plates and were looking for the second half.
      While all this was going on the republic was doing their best to move quietly as though to avoid conflict as much as possible seeing as there numbers could not withstand a firefight from either side at this point. They sent out a small group to try and scout ahead when they discovered one of the containers that had the plates inside of them. As soon as they could they moved those plates back to a secure location near there bases location. They left a small guard on them soon there after were being scouted by the union who started to move in on the bases. Luckily though reinforcements arrived right when they needed to. The attack was stopped by not without suffering casualties...
(Break for lunch)
      At this point the Plains territory started thinking that working with the union was not in there best interests so they sent there HQ representative to parley with Graekon of the Republic. Little did they know that they already had the second half of the plates. So with that being said they had there parley and the republic offered a lump some of gold for the plates. The plains territory accepted this offer but with one condition that they help push the Union out of the wastelands. At that they made a contract and signed it... After they pushed the union out they both agreed that this was a good alliance and it may just happen again in the future.
     Now the Republic has the funds to start taking back the United States they way it was intended as a democracy not monarchy as the union sees it.

      All and all It was a great day... They only problem was the attendance. I know that there was rain in the forecast but it did not effect the game. I also would like to say that it seemed like everyone had fun with the game. I know there were a few people that had to leave through out the day which made numbers even smaller. Also I would like to mention that this one the first part of a 3 part story. I hope to see many of you at the next one to continue the story till the end.
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