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April 27 2014 Outdoor Game
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This is my After Action Review of the game on Sunday April 27 2014.

Plan: To meet at the field at 9:00 and, get everyone signed in and chronoed. Start the game at 10:00a.m. End at 4:00 p.m. Objectives where to be a mix of Capture Points, Down Pilot Recovery, Crate Recovery and Attack and Defend.
     Due to possible weather conditions it was decided we would move the meeting location from the Field to Sogo Airsoft in Springfield, Mo. If the weather conditions improved we would move back to the field, If they did not we would play indoors at Sogo Airsoft.

Issues: Due to uncertain weather conditions with pop up rain showers throughout the morning and most of the afternoon, we where unable to play outdoors. Luckily we planned ahead and made arrangements with Jon at Sogo Airsoft. I believe that due to the confusion over the game Full Plate 2 Status coupled with weather conditions for the Sunday lead to a lower number of players for turn out. (12) in total.

Performance: After we had decided to go ahead with games for indoor play due to outdoor weather conditions. We did normal check in and quickly picked the teams and started out with a warm up match of Force on Force. We continued Force on Force games throughout the day and mixing up the teams every couple of rounds. Everyone seemed focused on team work and sticking together and working cohesively as a small squad, covering ever hallway possible while moving. This lead to some very interesting and funny kills and safety kills during the games.

Fix: The only thing I would have changed would have been the outdoor weather. Otherwise I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Lessons Learned: At the end of the day you can't plan weeks ahead of time for the weather, as we all know it changes day to day in Missouri. I'm just thankful for those guys that did show up that lead to an amazing time and one hell of a Sunday. Its great when everyone you don't get to see on a regular basis all get off and get to play the whole day together. It really just brought back memories of when we all used to play together like the old days a few years ago. I just wish those guys lived a bit closer so it could happen more then once a month.