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SpecterDR Replica
« on: June 30, 2014, 10:05:16 PM »
     Hey guys, just thought I'd put up a quick review on my replica Elcan SpecterDR scope. This particular model is manufactured under the name Phantom and is available for special order through So Go Airsoft. For those of you not familiar with the SpecterDR, it is a specialized riflescope manufactured by Elcan and is utilized by SOCOM (among other military forces). The design of the SpecterDR allows the user to switch the optic between 1 and 4 times magnification with the flip of a switch; this is perfect for areas of operation that incorporate both buildings and open areas, as it gives the user the option between a magnified reticle and what is essentially a red dot sight (the reticle has 11 brightness settings, similar to a red dot).
     A few factors went into my decision to buy this particular replica as there are several companies that manufacture clones of their own, each bringing their own pros and cons to the table. You may have seen the G&G version which costs around $200. My initial intention was to buy the G&G but sadly the reviews do not reflect its high price tag (mainly the use of cheap build materials and poor eye relief). Other versions are plagued by significant inconsistencies to the real Elcan and questionable reliability. Further research showed that the Phantom model (while not perfect) gave me the best "bang for my buck". The eye relief is much shorter than the real optic, but is manageable. Build quality seems sturdy (no foreseeable complaints at the moment); though I did have to use shims to get it to mount on tight. This issue probably stems from my particular RIS's specs though, as other fellow airsofters I know who have purchased this scope have seen little to no issues with the mounting platform. My only real complaint about the sight is the position of its "doctor sight" mount. It's at an angle as opposed to its traditional position on the top of the scope; this is a minor complaint though, and may actually be a way of selling this clone in the US without copyright violation. Apart from what I have mentioned so far, keep in mind that this piece adds a bit of weight to your kit as well. It's definitely not the lightest scope out there, staying true to the real thing.
     My overall opinion on the Phantom replica SpecterDR is that it makes a great addition to any build not only in looks, but functionality as well. While the price tag of $140 sounds high for an airsoft scope, simply consider that the real Elcan version runs well over $2,000. If you have any questions or comments about this scope feel free to leave them below; once again these are available for special order from So Go Airsoft, just give them a call at 417-719-4749 or come in person to place your order. Thanks for reading!

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