Author Topic: Alot of fun and guns  (Read 895 times)


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Alot of fun and guns
« on: November 15, 2014, 07:10:27 PM »
I got some guns to sell i have some more i want some selling some for fundage.
Echo 1 htc 2 tbb, grip, 1500 9.6 battery, 4 mags, flat hop, suppressor is a maybe, 110 spring in gun now, comes wirb a 130, also has a new piston, and a aluminum head. $235 obo

Classic army sportline scar 2 mags, 8.4 1300 battery, all stock tan in color $150 obo

Wells mp7, 3 high caps, tan condor 3 mag holder, 1 low cap, battery, and charger $75

Uk arm mp5k 3 high caps, battery $75

This is a maybe,
Hk ump 3 high caps, 9.6 1500 battery, tbb, afg, new piston, aluminum piston head, 3 mag holders, condor tan, 130 spring and 110 spring, qiuck change spring style gun.$200 maybe,

Hit me up for pics, nice chatting

Mike Burgess
DOG team og
UMP w/highcap
UTG tri shotgun 84 shells custom cut/paint
 Dual elite force 1911 w/12 co2 mags
Echo1 g36 w/magpull afg