Author Topic: Uncle Mikes clear out(wive says to many guns) sale  (Read 697 times)


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Uncle Mikes clear out(wive says to many guns) sale
« on: November 21, 2015, 09:46:00 PM »
So selling some guns and gear since I just got more and wife may have seen and bought me sum also.....
Echo 1 Ar57 with w dual mags holders for p90 mags I have 12 mags total that can go with gun and 6 single mags pouches and 1 dual mag pouch. 225 obo and how many mags you want

Echo 1 spector 2 mags, battery,  tan mag pouches $100 obo

UTG tri shot shot gun with adjustable stock 50 obo

M249 no idea brand 125 obo box mag only

Elite Force ump 1 high cap $100 obo

Black plate carrier barely used 50 obo

Black shotgun shell holder condor 10

Black ops gas gun 2 doudle stack mag 1 extended mag 100 obo

ICS mk6 tan and black with 4shells 225 at Sogo

P90 mags mids and 1 high offer up on this

Hit me up on FB for pics or texts trades welcome
Mike Burgess
DOG team og
UMP w/highcap
UTG tri shotgun 84 shells custom cut/paint
 Dual elite force 1911 w/12 co2 mags
Echo1 g36 w/magpull afg