Author Topic: Echo 1 PKM and Custom Marui M870 for sale  (Read 742 times)


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Echo 1 PKM and Custom Marui M870 for sale
« on: February 13, 2016, 06:46:58 PM »
Hello folks,
I have a couple of guns for sale today. First up is my Echo 1 PKM. Shoots 450 FPS with a .20 and is completely stock (other than a 509mm Madbull tightbore barrel). I have only fielded the gun twice and both times my back has just not been up to the job of lugging it around. Included is a feed cover rail, a railed handguard, 5000 round box magazine, and an authentic 7.62X54 dummy PKM belt. I have well over $700 in the gun total, but I am willing to let it go for $365. It is currently for sale at So Go Airsoft, so you may pick it up there, first come first served.

Next up is my Custom Marui M870. Shoots either 3 or 6 shots and is gas powered, currently chronos 270 FPS with duster gas. Included is a modified Magpul M-Lok forend, G&P choke, 6-shot shell carrier with 7 shells, and an Angry gun stock adaptor ($180 separately). The barrel has been cut down since the inner barrels stop about 6 inches short of the muzzle. I have about $600 in this gun and am selling it for $400. Also for sale on the used wall at So Go Airsoft.