Author Topic: "Holy Bejeesus, McClane is back and selling stuff again for gimmick guns" Sale!  (Read 2069 times)

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Hey everyone who still frequents this forum! Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I'm selling stuff again to fund more gimmick guns. YAYYYYYY!!! Specifically, I am going to be picking up a WE-tech DL44 Han Solo blaster. Sooooo, in order to do that I gotta push some stuff out that's just sitting around. And now, on to the sale! I am looking to get this stuff out the door, so feel free to shoot me some offers. Shipping will be around $10.
I would take $350 for the lot, please pm me with any questions!

TSD sawed off spring shotgun with six shells $50  Perfect for cqb.
kjw p226 with 3 non leaky mags. $130  Runs great, in excellent condition
Umarex colt peacemaker airsoft conversion $170  Comes with leather crossdraw holster, runs on CO2.
WE 1911 with one non leaky magazine $60  Built this from spare parts, made it kinda look like the gun Arnold uses in Terminator 2.
WELL UZI $20  Silly, gravity fed lpeg.
Marushin derringer that leaks and has a crack in the frame  $free with purchase, first come first served,
3 leaky WE Glock magazines $40  Two good ones leak from the bottom, and the beater has a broken follower but still works. All leak.
KWC 1911 springer pistol with mag $20 Rarer spring pistol that has a functioning slide holdback when you run out of rounds. Was going to turn it into a Punisher pistol but ran out of steam on that particular loadout.

And now for some pictures!

det. mcclane

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SAA has been sold! Everything else is available, Lot price would be $200.


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Keep us posted.