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Selling items at So Go Airsoft
« on: September 02, 2011, 09:36:58 PM »
This is to announce to everybody that if you bring anything to sell at So Go Airsoft then there will be a fee.  The Fee is the same that we have been charging.  I am announcing this because people seem to think they can come and just walk around asking people to buy their stuff.  THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN.  We don't mind if you make a sale to someone and they want to meet at So Go Airsoft.  But coming to our property and trying to sell stuff is just wrong and unfair to those who actually sell their items honestly at the store.  Plus this is our business and we have to pay alot every month to be there.
So Please Do Not do this.  Once you are on So Go Airsoft property and you make a deal to sell something then there will be our consignment fee.  So don't be surprised if our loyal customers tell you this or if one of my workers come up asking for the fee.
All you have to do is ask about these fee's and we will tell you.  They aren't much at all.  And are based off past experience with selling used items and what we have to deal with from the customers these used items get sold to.  I have lost a few customers because of used items that failed right after they were bought even though we have no warranty and state everywhere that we don't know anything about these items and are Sold As IS.  For some reason even when deals are made and people setup a meet place at So Go Airsoft these unhappy people show up and make a scene.  Sometimes we totally understand their frustration but there is nothing we can do for them.
I also ask from you guys that if anybody comes up to you trying to sell items or Airsoft guns that you point them towards the store first and then tell us about it.

If you don't want to pay the fee then just list the items here on our SA site or the other normal routes people take.

Thanks for your help and understanding.
Jon and Lyn
So Go Airsoft
Supercell Dev. Inc.
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