Author Topic: Canceled SA event Gone SoGo March 24th 2012  (Read 1183 times)


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Canceled SA event Gone SoGo March 24th 2012
« on: March 26, 2012, 12:59:14 PM »
I just wanted to put this out there for this time. I am so glade that i was able to play with alot of the people on the forums and i had alot of fun playing in general. There was alot of people there that showed up was kinda cool... a little crowded at first wasnt sure if it was going to stay that way or not. Then Jon pulls that awesome idea of just sending in teams of 10 or 12 at a time... it was like he read my mind. All my guys had alot of fun together we havent played together like this in a long time to tell you the truth. I know it was a hella drive for some but it was totally worth it. The games were good and the players had great attitudes. I kinda was hopeing for a little bit of some objective games but that was just me. I know this was just a subsitute game cause the field was flooded but non the less i think it was good fun. Old Chic afterward was amazing as it usually is ... and food was great. Im glade you guys came out. Anyways all and all i would like to say the day was a success.
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